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Stone staircase – the right choice
Stone is a highly aesthetic material, it is both strong and durable over time. You will not need to pay too much attention to living, moving furniture through the stairs and can enjoy the most comfortable life
The product of stone staircase is cheap, durable, firm, not shrinkage when compared with wood products of the same type. Product surface is also luxurious, more durable than wood surface.
Choose stairs stone type
The current market has many good stones suitable for stair tiling, but the most popular ones are marble (Granite) or marble slabs (Marble ).
Granite is more popular because of its reasonable price, higher hardness and stair position, which does not necessarily require a variety of patterns, just colors. uniform and good strength.
Tien Thanh Stone currently has a line of 1.5 cm imported from China and 2 cm imported from India is the most popular product. In addition, there are expensive high-class stones from Italy, Greece, Brazil, etc.
You can choose the sample product below or choose Granite stone / Marble stone to get your own unique stone staircase.